The 5 best movie scenes shot using drones

The 5 best movie scenes shot using drones

In 2004, before personal action cameras were considered a class of consumer photography products, a little startup called GoPro released its first waterproof disposable-like camera that used a 35mm roll of Kodak film. That 35mm GoPro sold over US$150,000 in the first year, and the company's focus on affordable consumer-priced action cameras has not only driven its sales figures to double every year since, but, more than ten years on, the devices have also fundamentally changed the way audiences interact with extreme sports. 

In many ways, the early days of the consumer drone industry are similar to those of the action camera industry. Apart from the fact that many consumer drones actually use GoPro devices as the included modular camera, the types of footage drones can capture is fundamentally different to anything emerging from first-person action cameras and land-based cinematography. Drones are forging a new frontier of cinematography, and starting to hit a price point that makes them appealing to a broad audience. 


Written by Anyonita Green   

September 9, 2015

Aerial Wedding Photography & Videography

Reliving your big day from the point of view of your guests is one thing, but seeing it from a bird’s eye view is completely different! Ever since the popularity of drones (flying, remote controlled cameras), people have been coming up with new and ingenious ways to incorporate them into everyday life. Cue the wedding drone.

Book in aerial photographs of your wedding and your licenced photographer or videographer will deploy a small, but inconspicuous camera to take photos or videos of your special day from a bird’s eye view. These photos are often dramatic and are best displayed printed poster size or on large canvas. They’d make an excellent feature in your lounge or home office.

While they’re bang on trend, it means we’ll see more and more drone wedding photography businesses emerging, with companies eager to cash in on the popular photos. If you’re planning your wedding, this means you’ll need to beware! Not every bloke who’s invested in a drone camera can pull off striking aerial photographs.

Make sure you vet your photographer, ask to see examples of his work and have a clear idea of what you’d want from your aerial wedding photography. Do you want shots of all your wedding guests assembled on your venue’s lawn or golf course? Do you want photos of the ceremony ? Have a plan and find the perfect, qualified and skilled aerial wedding photographer to deliver your vision.